The Taurus New Moon was spot on

Before May ends, I want to share my reaction to a post I saw about the Taurus New Moon. I don’t follow astrology and I don’t know if I believe it has any affect on how life actually turns out, but I do agree that what people say about it can sometimes be spot on. The reason I was so interested in this random article from Well and Good is because it was all about the meaning behind the Taurus New Moon, and as you might have guessed (or know if you keep up with me), I am a Taurus

This article said the Taurus New Moon, which appeared on May 11, activated “the need to change and start fresh in a situation that brings value” and encourages us to “re-engage back with our physical body, emotions, and senses in order to discover what is right for ourselves.” In other words, this new phase of the moon is all about self awareness and self care. Well, ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. This description is exactly what I was going through around that time. I have always been fairly self aware, but I am a people pleaser and that is where I struggle.

If you have kept up with me, you may know that one of my New Year resolutions is to be pickier when it comes to dating. It’s not that I am boy crazy, but it’s that I like to give people a chance even though I know the date probably won’t go anywhere. Why? Because as mentioned above, I am a people pleaser. While I have been more mindful about dating, I was in a situation recently where I was using my valuable time to see a guy because it made him happy. And while I enjoyed the time spent together, I knew I really just wanted to be alone. Well guess what, I finally told him that and now I am free. Furthermore, after that, I told a guy who asked me out on a date via Instagram — I know, so romantic — that I wasn’t interested. And that was surprisingly hard to do! Why? Because I am a people pleaser! In short, the New Moon was powerful for me (if you believe in that stuff). This is Sara’s Single Summer of Fun and I mean it! I am here to focus on myself, my hobbies, and my friends and family. 

Along with the above-mentioned article, I came across an astrology account/tarot reader who tweeted about the New Moon and offered some reflective journal prompts that were in line with the New Moon’s energy. So, I answered a few that spoke to me:

Over the next three months, I aim to accomplish: Hopefully reaching 2,000 followers on my thrifting account and having a summer that makes me look back and smile like the summer of 2020 did. However, this summer I want to also be filled with cute outfits and nights out with my precious friends!

Five things I adore about myself: 1. My dedication to my friends; 2. My affinity for living life to the fullest while being responsible (AKA I show up to work and support my family and friends when needed (I might be throwing a little shade here)); 3. How excited I get over dolphins! They’re just so cute; 4. How honest I am with myself and friends; 5. The fact that I turned my hobby (thrifting) into a decent and rewarding side hustle!

My perfect partner will have the following traits: Loves the beach, takes care of himself, has goals for his/our future, likes to travel, treats me like a princess (but knows I’m actually a mermaid), gets along with my friends and family, listens to my entertainment news rants, likes dogs

My perfect living situation includes: Living with someone who is down to hang out, but also lets me have my space and “me” time. I also appreciate someone who is respectful to live with in terms of cleanliness and just having consideration and manners (This unfortunately is hard for a lot of people). A dog is always a plus. 

I am a good friend because of my: Dedication to them! I always want to be here for my friends. They also know how much I love them and know they can trust me with anything! 


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