Thoughts on Turning 25

When I said last week that I would update you on how I feel about turning 25 (on May 2), I thought I would be writing some emotional post about how I don’t feel ready to enter the second half of my 20s and think time needs to slow down. Surprisingly, I feel content. 

The last year of my life has been so transformative. I got out of a relationship, I moved back home for good, I landed a new job, and I was stuck in a deadly pandemic with the rest of the world. When I turned 24, I was not in the best state of mind due to the pandemic and the stress and lack of fulfillment of my previous job. Now, I feel completely at ease.

I am heading into the big 2-5 with a four-day weekend, plans across two states with my wonderful friends, and a fairly positive relationship with the world around me (let’s forget that I said I stressed myself out this weekend by being too much of a people pleaser). I always try to find meaning in everything that happens in life (it makes the bad things seem a little less harsh), and I can genuinely say I believe I am where I’m supposed to be as I enter this new year of life. I am living in the best room I have ever lived in with my dad who is simply awesome to have as my housemate, I am beyond thankful for my wonderful job, my thrifting business is starting to pick up, and I am stoked to start feeling some normalcy again in terms of the pandemic. As of right now, I am half vaccinated! 

Looking ahead 

Here’s to 25 and being alive!

Now, some of my satisfaction at this exact moment in life is definitely coming from the fact that we are starting to see the light at the end of this COVID-19 tunnel and I am simply ready to get back and fully live my life. If it weren’t for that, I might be a little more scared about turning 25. One thing that the pandemic has definitely changed in me is my mindset to celebrate my youth with more intention, because it will not last forever. I have definitely been on the more conservative side when it comes to acting young in terms of going out and “dressing young,” and this summer I want to change that. Before I go any further, I want to mention that I can hear my grandparents stating that they enjoy that I don’t go out much and that I am a generally tame human being. While I am always careful and responsible when I go out, I am going to give myself more freedom to fully enjoy being young, to wear something a little more revealing because I can, and hopefully convince myself to stop worrying about EVERY SINGLE THING. See my Instagram post here for more background on my feelings about this. 

Some people may call it a quarter life crisis as I routinely have, but hey, if I’m going to turn 25, I am going to use it to spark something positive in me. For now, it’s letting myself relax and enjoy being young just a teensy bit more. We are entering summer after all, and those are my thriving months.

In short, turning 25 seems less scary when I say it out loud than I thought I would — but it still helps to not think about what numbers come after. Here’s to 25, and being alive!


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