Winter is ending, but the positive vibes are not

This is it guys! It’s moving week for me and probably the most hectic week of 2021 — and I am loving it. There have been all sorts of exciting things happening in the last week and that’s what I want to focus on: positive things. 

Best winter ever

My dad and I just got home from our last ski trip together of the season. I have been uber lucky and skied nine days this year, which is more than I have ever skied in one season. I cannot be more thankful that my dad loves the sport, forced me to love the sport (that was sarcastic), and wants to take me on trips with him. Let me tell you: We are quite the dynamic duo on the slopes together and it feels great to be able to shred different mountains with him. Another thing that feels great is the fact that we picked up a new pair of skis on the trip and I am beyond grateful. It’s funny because at the beginning of the season my dad told me I should get new skis, but I was adamant that my old skis were completely fine. It only took one pair of rental skis in Utah and a day of using my old skis after that to convince me that I did in fact new skis. Now I am going into next year with a fresh pair of skis that is definitely helping to improve my skiing.

Posing at Smuggler’s Notch resort

I was telling my dad that winter 2020 – 2021 has been my favorite winter spent at home yet. I hate the cold and thrive during summer, so once summer ends, I usually just wish the days away until the warm weather hits again. However, this winter has gone by so quickly and has been so thrilling between my ski trips, spending a week in New York, my thrifting endeavors, and of course preparing for the move. I could not be more stoked about this winter and I cannot wait to scrapbook it. 

Ready for the move

As I mentioned earlier, I am moving this week! I feel like I have been talking about this move for so long (not on here, but in life), and I cannot believe it’s finally here. I have already put in many days for this move between clearing out my rooms at my dad’s house (my room and my sister’s room, more specifically, which still had childhood toys like baby dolls in them), sorting through stuff, slowly moving things over, and handling all the fun intricacies that come with moving into a room that already had things in it. 

How my room at my dad’s house looks as of this writing.

While I am still sad to see my mom leave our hometown and heartbroken to be separated from my dogs, I am more excited than I thought I would be to move in with my dad. I can tell my dad has gradually gotten happier about picking up a roommate as well. He even had my room repainted and half of my carpet redone, and it was so sweet of him to want to put that effort into my room. I did tell him that I am never leaving, so I guess he thought he should make my room nice for me. In all seriousness, I am loving how my room has come along and I am vibing with it. My new favorite thing to do is dance to music in front of my mirror. It’s a feel-good activity!

My friends are the best

This is not a new development. I have always been lucky to have so many strong, encouraging people around me. It has just been very apparent recently that my friends are the realest. So thank you, friends. 

I have three more days before the big move and then I can fully get my life back. However, I am looking forward to taking a big day of rest before I start making plans again. I also have a gift card for a massage, so I think it’s about time to use that. To anyone who has read this, I hope your week has been as positive as mine! 


3 thoughts on “Winter is ending, but the positive vibes are not”

  1. What a nice article! I know that your Dad is as stoked as you are about your skiing so dynamically together! I am looking forward to the upcoming season with “SARENITY” and some great waterskiing and fishing-not to mention some sailing with you on L’Avocat!

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