10 Valentine’s Day ideas during a pandemic

Valentine’s Day is just about here! Whether you’re the type of person who loves going all out for the holiday for friends or a significant other, or someone who absolutely despises the holiday and sneers at corporate America every year for cashing in on love (like me), the day will probably look a bit different for you this year. Unless you’re someone who does absolutely nothing for it every year — you keep doing you my friend. Nothing has changed for you. For those who do want to celebrate, though, the coronavirus pandemic has many people turning to stay-at-home plans and virtual date nights with friends and loved ones due to limited dining and indoor activities. If you’re a last minute planner or all of a sudden have found yourself putting together an unexpected date (like me), here are some ideas for a safe at home Valentine’s Day for friends or a romantic partner.

Also, before we begin, if you need some Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration, I made a video that you can watch here.

For couples

1. Re-create your first date at home

You can cook up some similar cuisine you had on your first date in the comfort of your own home or pair the first movie you saw with some popcorn for a sentimental night in. 

2. Take an online class

No, I don’t mean take a class that requires a textbook.  Sites like Airbnb and Eventbrite have class options that range from baking and wine tasting to dancing and crafting all from the comfort of your own home. 

3. Have a movie marathon

Have you guys been saying you need to watch that new Netflix show or have a Harry Potter marathon? A quarantined Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to get that idea playing. 

4. Paint by number

I have noticed that an ol’ fashioned paint-by-number project is in right now. There are numerous sites you can upload your own photo to and the company will send back a numbered painting just for you. So, why not send in a photo of you and your significant other and spend the night sipping on some wine painting the masterpiece? I will warn you that this can easily take more than one sitting. 

5. Cook together

Food is an easy way to bring people together. Have one person plan the main course and another person plan a dessert, and help each other make each portion for a collaborative and tasty time together. 

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For friends

1. Self care night 

Have a long FaceTime to catch up on all the “OMG I need to tell yous” that have probably piled up. Add in a face mask and even some wine and it’ll be an elevated friend date night. 

2. Create a dessert charcuterie board

Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now. Challenge each other to make Valentine’s Day charcuterie boards with treats like candy and chocolate and see who can create the cutest design over FaceTime. 

3. Have a photo shoot  

While I do encourage people to remain socially distanced, it’s no secret that people have a friend or two they trust enough to physically be with during the pandemic. Get matching Valentine’s Day outfits with that BFF and show them off through a cute photo shoot. Add props like a glittery backdrop or heart pillows to really make it fun!

4. Send out Valentine’s Day cards

While this is a solo activity, you can involve all your friends who you can’t safely gather with this Valentine’s Day by sending each one a sweet note in the mail. 

5. Create drinks together

Have friends think up some Valentine’s Day cocktails and take turns teaching everyone in the group how to make them over Zoom. This would take the place of an in-person mixer, so make sure everyone has the ingredients necessary in their own homes!


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