Costa Rica

Watch: Three Days in Costa Rica

I did something I never thought would be possible in 2020: I went on vacation. Pop Pop, Dad, and I made the voyage to Costa Rica before the year’s end to Playa Herradura to visit Dad’s pals, fish, and have some fun in the sun. The trip was a quick three days, and we couldn’t have spent our time in a better way.

Pop Pop reeled in his first tuna, I caught and saw my first ever sailfish, and I witnessed my first ever Marlin. We once again found dozens of spinner dolphins twisting and turning through the Pacific Ocean, which is always my favorite thing to encounter. On land, we came across so much wildlife, from iguanas to monkeys to a bat to a macaw. We went four-wheeling through the jungle of Costa Rica, where I was once again astonished by the civilization found deep in the teak wood covered hills. Plus, I was able to take a dive into the super warm ocean and even get treated to a surf lesson. 

Most importantly, I was reminded of the Costa Rican way of life: simple, pure and happy. There’s no better way to share my trip than with a video, so here it is. Pura vida!


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