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CA to NJ: Day 3 — Work from Colorado

If you’ve kept up with my road trip 2.0 so far, you’re probably thinking it has been quite boring. I wouldn’t blame you. Pop Pop and I spent the first day and a half driving, and on Wednesday, Sept. 23, we worked.

My uncle was super nice and let us work at his house in a really beautiful sun room they just added to his home. I was super excited because I got to work from a funky chair all day, as you can see below. 

I need this chair.

I was finally able to spend some quality time with my family once work was over. We enjoyed a nice socially-distanced Culver’s meal and ice cream, which apparently is a staple fast food chain in the Midwest. We chatted about the online learning my cousins were subject to because of the pandemic, my leaving of California and the upcoming election. 

After dinner is when the real fun started: my uncle was thrilled to show us his new toy. He recently purchased a halfbike, which is a three wheel standing bike that really requires the rider to have some sort of balance.  Luckily I was able to pick it up, but I definitely don’t recommend riding it in public unless you are plenty comfortable with it.

Pop Pop trying out the half bike.

And just like that, the visit with my family was over and Pop Pop and I drove back to our hotel, which we deemed safe enough to leave the storage bag on top of my car. With work out of the way and having off for the next six days, the tourist part of the road trip was officially able to commence!

Up next: the wilderness of Nebraska. 


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