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CA to NJ: Day 2 — An Open Road

On the road again, and seemingly forever. Pop Pop and I were behind the wheel by 7:30 in the morning on September 22 with nothing but driving on our minds. The road trip back to NJ was definitely less relaxed than the trip to CA, because while we had about the same amount of time, I had to use one whole day of the trip to work because I was not allowed to take off on September 23 (we had all these restrictions in place because they cut our staff due to coronavirus, and two people in my department already had off from work).

Pop Pop agreed with me when I said it was best to work near our family in Colorado, who trusted that we had taken social distancing safety precautions seriously, and agreed to have a dinner with us after my day of work. So, we left Las Vegas and headed for Fort Collins, Colorado.

Somewhere in the West

I told Pop Pop the only thing I wanted to do was stop at a scenic overlook, which are conveniently located along many highways in the Midwest. Other than that, we drove, drove, drove and landed at the Fort Collins Best Western to wrap up a 15-hour day. 

Up next: work and family!


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