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CA to NJ: To take the best play or the smart play?

Taking chances makes me nervous. It makes a lot of us feel uneasy. Why choose something that might not work out over something stable? Why risk anything? The only answer that I have is life is full of risks, and that’s part of the thrill. Some work out, and some don’t, but as long as you take a chance with good intent, I don’t think it’s too bad of an idea. Like I said in a previous post, adventures are the same way. You’re not always sure what the outcome will be, but you choose to embark on them for the thrill. 

While flying to Los Angeles for what I think is the biggest risk I’ve taken (yes—bigger than moving out to LA by myself for my first job), I watched The Way Back. Ironically the premiere of The Way Back is the first and only movie premiere I went to right before COVID-19 hit. When the high school basketball coach, played by Ben Affleck, is having a heart to heart with a player, he says, “Sometimes the best play is not the smart play.” That really struck me considering my situation at the time.

I was flying to Los Angeles to leave my very stable job to become freelance writer, which is definitely not as stable as a job that offers normal benefits and paid holidays. Once that really sank in, I became more and more nervous. I was thrilled to start this new chapter in my career, but scared to be leaving a literal dream company for anyone in entertainment reporting. I just kept reminding myself that it was the best move for the situation I was in.

Then, on the plane, when I heard Affleck say those words, I was taken aback. What better message could come at such a fragile point in my career confidence? I immediately applied the quote to my own situation. The smart play job-stability and finance wise would be to stay with ET and hope that I grow in the company. But is that the best play? Well, I don’t know at all. Is the best play starting this new writing job? I don’t know that either. But it’s a risk of a play, and I’m passionate and sure enough to take the chance and head in this new direction. 

I’m sure down the road I’ll be able to answer these questions, and hopefully the move comes with a positive ending. It’s a new adventure, and adventures are unexpected. I’m thankful to have family and friends who support me and a roof over my head. Now, let’s see where this takes me!

Have you ever taken a chance that’s worked out? Let me know in the comments below.


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