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CA to NJ: I’m headed home

Sept. 12, 2020

My best flow of thought and writing comes when I’m on airplanes, but even now, on my way to Los Angeles, it’s difficult to think of the words to say.  

Let me start with this: I did not think when I picked up a freelance writing gig in early August it would soon change my life. I laugh because I recently completed a self-help/goal motivation course and one of the things it teaches is to leave room for surprises when you’re in the process of working toward a goal. Well, I definitely didn’t leave room for myself to fly across the whole country to all of a sudden move. That’s a surprise I would never have predicted.

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I will admit I had it in my mind that towards the end of the crazy year that is 2020 I would fly to Los Angeles to move out of my apartment and save money. I wasn’t sure if I would be putting stuff in storage or completely leaving the City of Angels. Well, I basically had the decision made for me when I got an offer that seemed too good to pass up. 

I’m not going to announce where I’m working now because I want to leave my professional life out of here as much as possible, but if you follow my social media, you’ll figure it out. I also wish I could talk about my sudden move from ET, which was my dream company to work at right out of college, and is still a dream show to work at in the future. The best explanation is this move felt right for the circumstances COVID-19 placed me in.

I don’t know how this move—physical and career wise—will pan out, but sometimes we need to take chances when it feels right. I’ll talk more about chances in my next post. Until then, stay safe and keep dreaming big.  


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