5 Small Businesses to Support this Holiday Season

I love the small business energy of 2020. With more than 30 million small shops in America, there is one to suit all tastes and needs. If you do need some help, though, I have compiled a list of all the affordable small businesses I have purchased from in recent months. If you need some birthday or holiday shopping ideas, I highly recommend trying to support someone just like you or me. Without further adieu, here are five small businesses to check out. 

Bloo Raccoon

Bloo Raccoon, formally known as Rotten Resin, has a stunning inventory of handmade epoxy resin pieces that range from jewelry to ash trays. Alyssia, the owner, also just started to incorporate preserved insects into her pieces and wants to eventually work with larger animals. “I think it’s beautiful that I can make bugs all cute in a display with flowers and maybe make them less intimidating to some people,” she told me. She puts “lots of love” into every piece she makes, and wants potential buyers to know how much the support means. “My inspiration behind this is to make my mom proud since she’s no longer here. I wanted to have a hobby that keeps me on track and busy,” she said. “It also just makes me feel so good to be able to create, especially for others. I’m completely honored that I even get any sales. It’s a great feeling. All of the overwhelming support I’ve gotten since I’ve started keeps me going; I don’t think I’d be able to do it without any support.”

Check out Bloo Raccoon’s beautiful pieces here

Designs by Kim D

Kim recently opened her sticker shop, for which she has mainly used Disney for inspiration. She also has on-point seasonal drops. I bought two stickers for friends and I am super excited to gift them this holiday season. Kim told me she loves letting expressing her creativity through her shop. “I’m a total nerd, so being able to create pieces inspired by beloved movies and characters is a total dream. I just want people to be able to share their love for the pop culture that inspires my designs and hopefully bring a smile to their faces when they see them!”

Check out her Etsy to make a purchase or follow her Instagram to stay up to date with her latest designs. 


JustVibesChi makes affordable, crystal-infused soy candles meant for intension setting. I purchased a Prosperity Vibe candle and my favorite thing about it is the abundance of Aventurine and Lapis Lazuli crystal pieces on the candle. The impressive amount of crystals matches the massive amount of care Arielle, the owner, shows in her work. 

“Something that I love about creating these candles is helping others set the atmosphere for whatever positive thing it is they’re trying to manifest or focus on in their life,” she told me. “My hope is that my candles give them a boost, that extra oomph to keep going for their dreams — whatever those may be — The Universe, ancestors, Spirit are with them on their journey.”

For more information, check out her Etsy shop or give her a follow on Instagram.  

Luxury Kreationz

Luxury Kreationz is all about putting the luxe in your life at an affordable price. After a year of careful experimentation with products for all skin types, the brand made its debut in May 2020. The purpose of this brand, according to the owner, is “to provide inclusive products that everyone can use.” Luxury Kreationz uses vegan and cruelty-free products to ensure even people with sensitive skin can wear the products, which range from lip glosses and body mists to lashes and more. “Our brand stands out because not only are our glosses scented, but they are also flavored. And our shea butters are scented as well, so you can walk around moisturized and feeling great,” Luxury Kreationz said.

I purchased the apple lip oil for my ever-so-chapped lips and a lip gloss for my friend. You can check out the Luxury Kreationz’s website here, or follow its Facebook and Instagram.

Madison Spence Moore

Madi Spence is a university student who has a passion for creating. You can learn all about her on her blog, where she also sells handmade crochet earrings and other small pieces. I purchased a pair of blue flower earrings, and they are the perfect funky add if I want to put some fun into an otherwise plain outfit. 

She told me she learned to crochet when she was 12 thanks for her mom buying a crafting kit from 5 Below, and she has been “obsessed ever since.” She said the motivation to start her shop was to make income during school that was not a “regular” cashier or waitress job (she noted that there is of course nothing wrong with a job like that).  She wants potential buyers to know is she puts “love and care” into every single piece she creates. “Doing this makes me happy!” she told me. “I want the items that I make to bring buyers as much joy as making the items bring me.”

You can see her shop here


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