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10 songs to help cure your coronavirus blues

We are over six months into the coronavirus pandemic, and while we still can’t do most things we wish we were doing, there is something that we can still experience: music. Luckily for us, artists haven’t shied away from releasing new tunes, and even treating fans to live-streamed concerts. Working from home has given me the opportunity to enjoy a lot more music than usual, so I wanted to share some of the songs that have really carried me through the pandemic. Here are 10 songs to help cure your coronavirus blues. 

1. F2020 by avenue beat

The name says it all. 

2. Quarantine Life by Matthew West

This song is all of us wishing we could get back out there and resume our normal lives. A line in the song reads, “I think I might have had a birthday, but I don’t know what month it is.” How more relatable can it get?

3. Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles

This was the summer song we all needed (and it will continue to be a bop in fall). It doesn’t have to do with the pandemic, but listening to it in your car driving with the windows down makes you forget that there is one for a second. 

4. Mood by 24KGoldn ft. Iann Dior

The lyrics are about a dude telling his on and off love interest to drop her attitude, but the chorus, which says, “Why you always in a mood?” set to a catchy beat really does the job in reminding me to not be upset because we’re in lockdown, and just to take life as it comes and enjoy it as I can. See what the song does for you and let me know!

5. I Hope by Gabby Barrett ft. Charlie Puth

Dare I say it; this is the “Before He Cheats” of this new decade.  It’s simply a jam, and Puth’s smooth vocals take the song to the top. (No disrespect to my girl Carrie, she’s still the best)

6. Seven by Taylor Swift

The nostalgia in this song really resonates for the current time. If you’re interested in this, I recommend simply listening to the whole folklore album

7.  Come Together by The Beatles

This is the one old song I added to the list, but the mystery of the song paired with the demand to “come together” feels right for the time. 

8. Six Feet Apart by Luke Combs

If you’re in your quarantine feels, this is the perfect “I miss everything” song.

9. Sweeter Place by Selena Gomez ft. Kid Cudi

I’ve loved this song since it came out in early 2020, but it’s so perfect for the times. In it, Gomez and Cudi fantasize about leaving their troubles for a sweeter place. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t do the same the last few months.  

10. Do What You Can by Bon Jovi

I had to add this as a native Jersey girl. This song is all about doing what you can to help others during the pandemic — a message that seems to have gotten a bit lost by many.


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