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California Solo Series: Hiking La Tuna Canyon

Valentine’s Day is long gone and the month of loving and cuffing (or for some breaking up and crying) is over, so what better way to move on with a solo series?

When I first moved to California, I made two vlogs exploring my new home. I went on my first hike alone and explored Venice alone, and also made a write up about a single day at Catalina Island.

Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 8.39.34 AM

This first vlog is my hike at La Tuna Canyon, located right behind Burbank in the Verdugo Mountains. It’s a bare-minimum trail, with no bathrooms or tables to sit at. This was my first hike in Los Angeles, so I was definitely nervous to be alone, but comforted by all the people also on the trail. The hike ended up being a couple of hours. I wish I could tell you the distance I hiked and the path I took, but I definitely found myself off the trail at one point because it wasn’t a circle loop and had to retrace my steps back to the main path from the cell tower I ended up at.

You can get a taste of my hike through the video below. Enjoy!

Sarawhitmanythought 1: I have been on so many hikes since this, and it’s really fun exploring all the options out here!


3 thoughts on “California Solo Series: Hiking La Tuna Canyon”

  1. NIce to have this natural resource so close to your home. Nicer still that, at this point in your California experience you have some good friends to hike and enjoy other activities with! Nice, a word that comes up often in the context of Sara Nicole Whitman, a very nice young lady

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  2. I was a litlle nervous watching this one as I didn’t like your being so alone in
    a kind of barren place. It was interesting and the flowers were pretty. So thankful
    you were safe, and of course prettier than the flowers!

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