Cross Country Road Trip: By Myself in Cali

June 16, 2019

Pop Pop left yesterday and I am officially in LA with just my own company. I cannot say enough how thankful I am to have Hallie’s apartment to myself for the time being. It’s the one thing I am sure of right now, and it’s the one thing making me comfortable.

Me walking to the apartment. 

Since we arrived in Santa Monica Thursday night, Pop Pop was very insistent that I start looking at car insurance options and learning as much information as I could about switching my registration, license plates and driver’s license over to California. We were very productive during his time here: we visited AAA insurance in Santa Monica and the DMV, got my oil changed, we went food shopping and we looked at two potential housing options. One option made me really happy, while the other one had me wanting to turn around and walk out the door as soon as it opened. I am still constantly messaging potential landlords and housemates, but I have noticed my budget is definitely low for housing in California. However, I am not too picky about where I end up and I have trust that something will work.

While we were very productive, Pop Pop and I did have some time for fun. We had dinner near Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade Friday night, a popular shopping and dining street. We then strolled along the sidewalk and window shopped. I actually turned Pop Pop onto the brand Lush, which he was quite impressed with. His excitement definitely made me smile. We also had breakfast Friday and Saturday mornings at Marmalade, a cute café that has a few locations in Los Angeles.

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 9.40.31 AM
The complete road trip. 

I dropped Pop Pop off at the airport Saturday afternoon, and it was so hard to watch him leave. I start work tomorrow and I am naturally nervous for that, but I am also excited to start what I moved to Los Angeles for. I thought that one day I may move to Los Angeles, but had no clue it would be directly after graduation. It’s a scary move for sure, but it’s hopefully going to be a good start in what will hopefully be a positive and thriving career.

I am beyond lucky to have the ability to move across the country and even luckier I could make the move with one of my best friends and role models. This past week will be something I cherish forever. Now, I start the next journey.



4 thoughts on “Cross Country Road Trip: By Myself in Cali”

  1. It was hard for me to leave you. I too, however, took great comfort in the fact that you were secure in Hallie’s apartment. How lucky we were to have been the beneficiaries of Hallie’s thoughtful generosity! You will have many, many journeys in your lifetime. I look forward to the possibility of sharing some of them with you!!!

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  2. Believe it or not, I just read the blogs about your cross-country trip!!! I am so impressed with your writing!!! You were and are so lucky to have the experiences
    you did and I’m glad that you could enjoy the beauty of our great country!! Of course,
    you will be missed like crazy, but I wish you friendship, good luck with your job, and
    every happiness!
    Love U,

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