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A Guide to Boston: A One Day Itinerary Everyone Will Enjoy 

Boston is one of the oldest cities in America and has played a vital role in its history. It’s the birthplace of the revolution, the first city to have a subway and where rock group Aerosmith was formed. And you can’t mention Boston without adding that it’s home to some of the most fiercely loyal sports fans in the nation. Boston is a city that allows old charm to meet modern comforts, and hosts a range of activities for people of all interests, from museums and historic buildings to energetic bars and delicious food. Here’s a one-day itinerary that offers enjoyment for everyone.


The famous witch-hunting town of Salem is about 20 minutes outside of Boston. I recommend making a quick stop at Red’s Sandwich Shop if you can, which is located in the historic London Coffee House (circa 1698), where Patriots gathered before the Revolutions. The wait staff is friendly, the food is tasty and the prices are affordable.

If you can’t make it to Salem, head straight for Union Square Donut Company in the Boston Public Market for fresh, handmade doughnuts. Get there early, though. They sell out fast!

Walking Tour of Boston

Massachusetts State House

This is essential for every history buff. When I go to different cities, I often sign up for free walking tours and tip at the end. I have been successful with Free Tours by Foot. The eccentric guy who guided my group through the city was full of Boston spirit as he boasted about important landmarks on the Freedom Trail, such as the site of the Boston Massacre, inside King’s Chapel and burial ground and the State House.

Faneuil Hall and Quincy Markets

Once your walking tour is done, stop by Faneuil Hall. The building was gifted to Boston by Peter Faneuil, Boston’s wealthiest merchant, in 1742 and served as a home for merchants and later a common meeting and rally spot. It expanded to include Quincy Market in 1826, and now entertains thousands of people each day. Take some time to eat, drink and shop in the various storefronts and eateries as you wander about its cobblestone pathways.

New England Aquarium

A turtle at the New England Aquarium

Once you’ve had enough wandering, head over to the New England Aquarium to learn about local and exotic marine life. The aquarium has a unique four-story, 200,000-gallon ocean tank in the middle you can explore from top to bottom. I recommend buying your tickets online for a quicker entrance. An adult ticket is $31, a child (3-11) ticket is $22 and seniors (60+) are $29. Children younger than 3 are free and aquarium members are free.

Museum of Fine Arts

If you have some energy left in you, definitely head over to Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, which has marvelous reviews.  It boasts more than 500,000 pieces that range from Ancient Egyptian times to present day. See pricing and specials here.


Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash

When I went to Boston, I ate at Pabu for dinner, which offered fresh and delicious sushi in a high-end atmosphere. However, I know not everyone likes sushi, so I reached out to my Boston source (hi Sam) who recommended a few places in the area. For me, it’s hard to not want pizza. Regina Pizzeria is rated number one in the U.S. according to Trip Advisor, and Santarpio’s Pizza is highly recommended as well. If you’re in the mood for a “10/10” burger (which I always am), Boston Burger Company has a long list of creative burgers and shakes to try. If you want Italian that’s not just pizza, try Al Dente for delicious specialty entrees.

There is so much more to see and do in Boston, such as the Boston Tea Party & Ships Museum, the Paul Revere House, a lively sport game (Red Sox, Bruins and New England Patriots, depending on the season), a duck boat tour, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum & Library and more.

I recommend ending the night at Modern Pastry or Mike’s Pastry, which are your traditional family-owned bakeries that have something for every type of sweet tooth. Whatever you end up doing, it’s sure to be a wicked good treat.

This itinerary is meant as a guide, and times have not been included as availability changes from day to day and season to season. 


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  1. We have always loved Boston; so much history, beauty and good food! So glad to read your Blog on this subject.


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