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Most People Have Not Traveled Alone for Leisure; Here’s Why

Travel influencers and bloggers often make solo travel look picturesque, with scenic photos of their backs turned to the camera, sitting on a huge cliff overlooking a deep blue ocean and cloudless skies.

I realized I have a similar photo to the description above.

However, to the general population, traveling solo might be a daunting task, according to a new survey by Allianz Global Assistance. Of the 1,501 surveyed, only 8.4 percent of them said they have traveled alone domestically or internationally for leisure. There is the argument that travel bloggers are traveling to create content (to work), but even those who have traveled without company for business domestically or internationally is a low 4.6 percent.

People may have varying reasons for why they do not want to travel alone, from safety to language barriers. Those surveyed ranked the security of their accommodations as the number one concern when traveling alone, while being out after dark was second in line, followed by violence and terrorism. Despite their concerns, 68 percent of those surveyed have never felt in danger during solo adventures.

Photo by Mason Wilkes on Unsplash.

While people are more likely to travel alone domestically than internationally, almost half of those surveyed said they feel no difference in their security when traveling in their home country or abroad.

Some ways people care for their safety while traveling alone include avoiding walking at night, monitoring their alcohol consumption, dressing so they blend in and avoiding touristy and crowded areas.

I know I have never felt unsafe while traveling alone, although I am usually not alone for long. Luckily, I think the scariest time for me when traveling was when I stopped a pick-pocket in action, and thought he was going to retaliate. Have you ever encountered a scary time while traveling? Share your story in the comments below.


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