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Goodbye Los Angeles!

That’s a wrap folks! Seven days of networking and two days of sightseeing have come and gone like a glimpse of a shooting star. Soon we will head to classes and get back to normal life, but I think we all will have an underlying twinkle within us, knowing how lucky we are to have been able to experience such an enriching and eye-opening trip.

A lot of people on the trip are confused. Some thought they would never move to Los Angeles and now see it as a viable option. Some really have no idea what they want to do now after being introduced to all the different possible paths in entertainment. Some, like me, thought they would end up in Los Angeles, but not consider moving so soon. Navigating post-graduation life and deciding where we end up is going to be one interesting ride for all of us—a ride that I don’t quite want to take yet, but am more comfortable with after this trip.

The Hollywood Sign. 

I was not immediately drawn to Los Angeles like many before me were. In fact, I am still a bit confused by it: there are film studios next to residential streets next to skyscrapers. It’s only 30 minutes from the coast, but seems mountains away, especially with all the hilltops you see every angle you turn. How am I supposed to know who I want to be and if L.A. is the place for me, if L.A. does not even know what it is? Luckily, I am an adaptable person, but my confusion with this place and the career opportunities dangled in front of me are not making this process any easier.

I was surprised by L.A. in a good way, though. People say L.A. is fake and no one has time for you. I found that to be quite opposite. Every restaurant staff member, retail employee and Uber driver I came in contact with was pleasant. I expected L.A. to be more “This is Los Angeles,” but it was more, “Hey, what’s up? I’m L.A.”

Of course, we had the advantage of meeting industry professionals, many of which are Hofstra alumni, who were more than happy to give us advice about the field and their life journeys. If I could take away two things from this trip, they are first to start in the mailroom and secondly, we have a wealth of contacts and Hofstra family who want to help us if we decide to move out here. Moving to a new city alone, then, won’t actually be alone, and that’s a warm feeling.

As I said, I have a lot of thinking about, and a lot of LinkedIn stalking and thank you emailing to do. As I enter my last semester of college ever, I am going to keep this short, but impactful adventure in mind, and the enticing of the Hollywood sign in sight.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Los Angeles!”

  1. Wow. How different your situation is now than it was in January. Things have solidified and your path, at least for the near future, has been chosen. Enjoy the journey!

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