Steamboat, Colorado Day 2: Hot Springs

One thing that makes Steamboat Springs so special is its name. Legend has it that French trappers were in the woods and heard a gurgling sound that sounded like a steamboat. It turned out to be natural springs, and hence, the two words were combined to create Steamboat Springs.

An example of what an untouched, natural hot spring may look like. Photo by Adam Grabek on Unsplash.

I got to experience the hot springs right in Steamboat at Old Town Hot Springs, which is a non-profit health and wellness center. Old Town Hot Springs owns the famous Heart Spring, which naturally pumps about 220 gallons of the healing mineral water per minute. The facility has eight pools, all of which are treated and/or heated, besides the original Heart Spring.

I only sat in the Heart Spring, which is naturally 103 degrees. The water bubbles up from the bottom of the spring, allowing a constant circulation of fresh mineral-infused water.

I unfortunately have no photos because it was dark and steamy, and someone pulling out a camera would really hurt the aesthetic of the calming pool. If anyone has the chance to check out a hot spring, I highly recommend it!


2 thoughts on “Steamboat, Colorado Day 2: Hot Springs”

  1. That hot spring experience was neat! A local told us that the water contains lithium which tends to deliver a feeling of wellness. In any event, it felt g
    ood on the skin!


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