Steamboat, Colorado Day 1: A Serious Resort

One day of skiing down and I can say I am so pumped for the next two days here at Steamboat Springs. I am visiting with my father and grandfather, and my Colorado family met with us for the day, so it was a first day filled with excitement for sure.

The view of the mountain from our balcony.

I am staying at the Sheraton here, a ski-in ski-out resort that really takes the “resort” part seriously. There are daily activities planned for all ages and many excursions offered for those looking to do more than ski, and they offer everything from one-bed hotel rooms to apartments for groups of all sizes. Plus, they have a convenient shuttle service that takes you into town and virtually anywhere you need to be. It truly is the ideal place for all sorts of people.

The first day of skiing was phenomenal: the temperature was in the 20s on the mountain and the sun peaked out from the clouds throughout the day. I am not a fan of the cold, but I was honestly warm on the mountain, and I never say that. Steamboat just got a few feet of snow in just a few days, so the conditions could not have been any better. Of course, skiing with my family was just the cherry on top.

Dad on one peak, looking to the next.

Steamboat is different from our usual destination of Frisco, Colorado, where you can stay at a ski-in, ski-out resort, or at a lodge in town, and choose from four nearby mountains. If you are at Steamboat, you’re staying at this mountain. Luckily, the mountain has a healthy picking of trails of all levels, so no one can easily get bored.

If the conditions keep up like this, this may very well be one of the best ski trips I’ve been on. We will see!


2 thoughts on “Steamboat, Colorado Day 1: A Serious Resort”

  1. It’s wonderful to read about your excitement for Steamboat. I know your skiing
    companions feel the same way. Keep on keeping on!

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