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Elders Say They Regret Not Traveling; Here’s How to Avoid Regret

I randomly came across a TODAY article in which Americans over 65 gave their best advice for avoiding regrets in life. I was very pleased when I got halfway though the list and saw “not traveling enough” as something to keep in mind. I silently smiled to myself and thought, “Well, I surely believe that won’t be me!”

And then I started thinking about the people who do want to travel and don’t, or want to travel and can’t. I always encourage people to travel, because as far as I have seen, no one really regrets it. Yes, it can be scary and yes, it can be stressful, but I have never heard someone come back from a trip and say they wish they had not seen a new place (If you have, let me know).


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash.

The thing about America is we are encouraged to work, work, work, and time off is never easy to come by unless you’re lucky. Or, when you finally can take off, you feel guilty for not working. However, did you know that in other countries it is normal to take weeks off at a time? And often people will quit their jobs or take a gap year just to travel with their families. I am not saying this does not happen in America, but when you start talking to people from other countries and cultures, it truly is eye-opening to see on what they place importance.

So, how do you avoid having this regret in life? If you have the smallest inclination to travel and have the means, do it. You will feel refreshed from your experience. If it’s a bit harder for you to take a week off and hop on a plane, think of traveling on a smaller scale. Traveling does not necessarily mean going to some far, exotic location; it means exploring. So, take a day trip to a nearby city or town. Or, discover a new state park or hiking trail. See something you haven’t seen before. Taste a flavor you’ve never tried. Hear the bustling of a large city or the peace of yourself with nature. Invigorate your senses. Don’t “travel;” explore.

People say to listen to your elders; this is one tip I definitely won’t forget. Is there a trip you’ve been putting off, or a place you’ve been debating to visit? Share your thoughts below.



2 thoughts on “Elders Say They Regret Not Traveling; Here’s How to Avoid Regret”

  1. I certainly agree with the article! Traveling can be invigorating. Also, traveling with loved ones provides a unique opportunity to share new experiences together, helping to add new dimensions to the bond of family or friendship that makes
    the shared travel possible.


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