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A Student’s First Time Planning a Trip Abroad

Traveling the world has been such an experience, to say the least, during my time
abroad. I never would have thought coming to London would open the door to see so many other new places.
Within my semester here at the London College of Fashion I had a two-week
period off from classes. Part of that break included a guided excursion with our school to the city of Paris for five days. Since we did not have anything else scheduled after, my friends and I decided to plan a “world tour” for the rest of the break and see everything we could. What a great idea, right? More like, what a stressful idea…
Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 4.26.07 PM
How we planned
As someone who is usually a very planned and organized person, this was a lot of work. It’s hard to plan a trip for a week and a half for one person, let alone five. The process was a lot of thinking ahead and planning for almost everything. First, we had to pick countries that interested all of us. Then it came down to dates of how long we wanted to spend in each country. Next, the fun part- flights and transportation! Lastly, we planned where we were going to stay.
There were a couple of issues along the way too involving sketchy airlines and even sketchier Airbnbs that we eventually re-booked. Mind you this process did not happen in a night; it was more like a week-long session of gathering everyone and screaming over each other to make sure we all booked the same flight. Afterwards, it was a whole other process of calculating how much everyone owed each other on Venmo.
The Milan Cathedral was one of the sites Alexa visited during her travels with friends.
What we learned
As young adults who have never had to plan a vacation on our own, we did pretty well. We learned a lot through this process. The biggest thing we took away from this, though, is to make sure the accommodation makes sense. It is good to make sure the Airbnb is close to the airport. Make sure there is a source of transportation to get you from the airport to the Airbnb, and that your flight comes in at a good time. Think about how far theAirbnb or wherever you’re staying is close to center city or the attractions you want to go to. If it is a walking distance how far will it be? These are just some of the questions we had to constantly ask ourselves when planning.
In the end, everything worked out. We managed to spend five days in Paris, four days in
Barcelona, one day in Milan, four days in Florence, and three days in Amsterdam. What a time! It was amazing and a great experience that I will cherish forever. My advice to anyone who wants to travel with friends: be prepared, think about everything, and bring way more money than anticipated.

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  1. Its a bit disconcerting to see the word “sketchy” in close proximity to Airbnb-particularly after the news of the young American’s death in Costa Rica. I wonder how valuable user experience ratings are?.

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