The Meaning Behind my Tattoos

Just over a year ago, I did something (almost) completely irreversible: I got tattoos.

During my second to last week in Australia, I went with my roommate to make a tattoo appointment for her. This was right after we had watched our friend Brian get inked in Thailand. With sparked inspiration from my friends, plus the ability to get an appointment alongside my roommate and the cheap price for my dream tattoos, I was sold.


I went from having zero tattoos to two in one hour. Although it may seem like a quick decision, it was not. I had always wanted an anchor since I was a child, and after my year of travelling, I knew I had to get something to represent my thirst to see the world.

Here are what my tattoos represent:

An anchor: to remind me of my hometown, my upbringing and to always stay grounded.

Photo: Sam Perry

“Travel/adventure” in Thai: I had just self-planned and executed a trip in an extremely foreign land. I wanted something to represent my travels and to remind myself that I am a citizen of the world.

Photo: Sam Perry

Together they mean “Always remember where you come from, but don’t forget where you’ve been.”

Whitmanythought1: My mom and friend did a spit test on them because they did not think they were real.

Whitmanythought2: No, I am not craving more tattoos.


3 thoughts on “The Meaning Behind my Tattoos”

  1. Seperate they have some lovely meanings but the overall meaning of them together is so beautiful!! I was the same, I went from having no tattoos to having two in the span of half an hour!! xx

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