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Back to Rome: Ibiza Night 3

Sarah, Chrissy, Lauren, Mitch and I had some time to use before heading to the first nightlife area of the night, a beachside bar called Bora Bora. Naturally, we decided to shop around the strip and buy some good ‘ole touristy things. I ended up getting a shot glass in which to put my sea glass from Positano and a tank top. I wanted to buy everything there because it was all so cheap, but I controlled myself. Mitch was hungry, so we stopped at a beachside restaurant, where I actually ended up sipping on a piña colada.


After dinner, we headed down to Bora Bora, where we discovered that the sangria that was included in our wrist band with the boat party was no longer available. However, we walked to the market and found the same sangria from the boat and purchased a small bottle to enjoy together. We spent about two hours drinking sangria, chatting and staring at the stars on the beach with the music of the bar in the background. It was already a great night.


Midnight rolled in and we entered the club, Sankey’s. It was jungled-themed inside, and although it was much smaller than Privilege and more “underground” as our publicist friend described it, it was still a fun time. We did not have much time, however, since we had a plane to catch early in the morning and still had to get to our hostel on the other side of the island to collect our belongings. After dancing at Sankey’s for an hour, we decided to go to Swag, the club included in our wristband from the cruise. Unfortunately, it was only free entry until one in the morning, which we missed by ten minutes. So, we found our way to the DiscoBus and easily got back to our hotel.

After about a half hour nap, everyone was up and not ready to leave. Our weekend in Ibiza was short, but we definitely did make the most of it. We took taxis to the airport and had plenty of time before our 6 a.m. flight.

As I said before, I had never been on a self-planned trip without an actual adult to lead me around. I was super worried going into the Ibiza trip, as I naturally thought so many things would go wrong. However, with some planning, luck and Mitch’s incredible Spanish, the whole weekend went super well. I am so fortunate to have been able to plan this trip and enjoy it with my amazing new family. This was definitely the best weekend of my life, next to the Amalfi Coast getaway, and I will savor the memories I made forever.


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