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Back to Rome: Ibiza Day 2

Saturday morning brought a bit of rain, but after breakfast, it cleared right up. We ate at the same place as the day prior, and I had the same meal: eggs, bacon, toast and beans.

We swiftly moved from breakfast to to the bus stop in order to make the 10:15 bus to Ibiza Town, where we would depart on a party cruise around the island. We were all super excited for this, although we did not quite know what to expect. After transferring buses and following our leader, Mitch, we made it to the spot we would be meeting the company. We had a bit of time, so the girls walked along the beach and the boys grabbed a drink.

The time for boarding came and everything went perfectly. We checked in and soon after, we were on the boat. As we climbed onto the large boat, we were handed muffins and champagne. The DJ started playing tunes right away and the cruise was off to a fun start. Unsurprisingly, my friends and I were dancing right away.

Photo: Oceanbeat

After about an hour of driving, we dropped anchor off the coast of a small island, where many people on the boat went swimming. The boat had a huge diving board, which was a blast to jump off of, and a small slide. I had the time of my life jumping into and enjoying the clear, warm waters of the Mediterranean one last time.


Into the Mediterranean I go

The ship cruised a lot slower on the way home, and the DJ focused more on the music he was playing. The whole boat seemed to be dancing and having a grand time, and the energy was nothing but positive. We met some Americans that we chatted and danced with on the way back to the port, which was unexpected.

Once our cruise ended, we all grabbed lunch at a little beachside café that was owned by an English man. He was super nice and enjoyed talking to us. It was comical because he complained about all the inebriated people that come off of party boats, meanwhile we just came from one. However, we were not drunk.

The Ibiza gods were in our favor again as we chowed on sandwiches. The owner’s friend came to the café and we struck up conversation with her (our group was good at befriending strangers). She apparently was a publicist for one of the clubs on the island, and ended up putting us on the guest list. I could not believe we got spots on a guest list for a club in Ibiza. Was this real life?

After lunch, Jordan and Chris actually went back to our hotel on the other side of the island because they were partied out. So, that left Sarah, Chrissy, Lauren, Mitch and I for the night.

Late nights in Ibiza

We ended up having a very relaxed evening, enjoying Sangria on the beach and stopping at the club before retiring to the opposite side of the island to finally catch some shut eye.


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