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Back to Rome: Ibiza Day 1

Just about two months ago (as of 7/2016), I blindly booked a weekend in Ibiza with some people I really didn’t know. It was my first time traveling without an adult and my first time hearing about the island off of Spain. The last weekend of my stay in Europe came, and it was time to depart on my long-awaited journey with some of my fellow Hofstra Romans.

With a bit of pre-planning and GPS, we knew how to hop on the bus at the airport to San Antoni de Portmany and walk to our hostel from the bus stop. We checked into Hostal Rosalia right before midnight on Thursday, and although we planned on exploring the area to gain our bearings, we were tired and realized we were not a desirable walking distance to the main bar strip that we found on Google. Mitch and I talked to the receptionist once we put our bags down and created a plan for the following day.


Friday was going to be a relaxed day. We found a cute café with great breakfast options before hopping on the bus to our main destination for the day: Cala Salada. This beach is located in a scenic cove in San Antoni, surrounded by hillside cliffs and greenery. Upon arrival, the water was a beautiful aqua color and the temperature was inviting. To our liking, there were some fish swimming with us as well.


The day at the beach was filled with exploring the coast line, climbing on the cliffs, jumping into the water, swimming, lounging and snacking from the fresh drink and fruit stands that locals ran. It was a swell day and something much needed.

We lucked out a lot while at the beach because a promoter from one of the clubs came around and handed out wristbands for the night. Any of our uncertainty for the night had therefore been resolved. We would be going to Privilege nightclub as our first Ibiza club experience.


4 thoughts on “Back to Rome: Ibiza Day 1”

  1. It’s good I didn’t know ahead of all your various trips as I would have worried, but
    I agree with your grandfather and am glad everything worked out!

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