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Back to Rome: Weekend Trip to Sorrento Day 3

Swimming, boating and the beach — my favorite things! We arrived at Positano Saturday morning, a cliffside village lined with narrow streets and cute boutiques and cafes. Upon our arrival, we rented a boat to take us to a prime cliff-jumping and swimming area around the corner.


The boat took us to the spot, and we jumped in the the water and swam to the shore. I had never been cliff-jumping before, so this was another dream of mine becoming reality. Climbing up the slippery rocks and jumping into the warm, clear water below gave me a thrilling rush, and workout for that matter, and I could have done it all day.

My first time cliff jumping

After our time with the boat expired, we were supposed to meet up with Shields and rent chairs for the beach, but we could not find him. Luckily, the people working the beach gave us the discount Shields said we would receive, even though he was not with us. These beaches are not sandy, but full of tiny, smooth rocks and pebbles, so the most comfortable way to relax is with beach chairs. These were nice lounge chairs one would find at a resort. As soon we we put our stuff down, Sarah, Lauren, Mitch and I headed for the water.

After a fun swim, Professor Hillebrand waved us in for lunch. Because our group is so big and the sandwich shop we planned on ordering from is so small, only a few of us went to pick up the food. Beachside delivery? I will take it! My sandwich, which came from Vini e Panini, was hands down the best sandwich I have ever consumed in my life. I got the “Randy Special,” which was stacked with mozzarella cheese, olives, salami, prosciutto, and a swipe of pesto. The rest of the day was spent swimming and relaxing sea side. I could do do this all day, every day.

This sandwich was no joke

After the beach, we headed back to Sorrento for dinner. We ate at an extremely delicious place called Pizza a la Metro, nicknamed “Pizza University.” This restaurant allows people from all over to work and study the skill of pizza-making. The kitchen is completely open, so anyone can view the process of making a pizza from start to finish. It was fascinating watching our food being prepared. Each pizza is ordered by the meter and could be prepared with multiple toppings, so we ordered two meters of pizza with four different toppings. They were all delicious, although I think I may have enjoyed the appetizers of cheese, pastries, meats and seafood we ate prior a bit more.

Can I have more?

After the filling dinner, Shields brought us to “7,” which was a bar at the hostel where the other Bus2Alps students were staying. We sipped on the best sangria I have personally every tried (and quite possibly the first), and then chatted on the modern rooftop deck.

We arrived back at our hostel, where some of us resided to our rooms and others chatted on the rooftop area with the great views of the stars. Saturday was yet another dream, and I still could not believe this was my life.


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