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Back to Rome

Two years ago today I wrapped up a solid two weeks of traveling around Europe with my  best friend/travel partner/grandfather. Then, I embarked on my first study abroad experience through Hofstra University’s SCO in Rome program and spent a month with adventurous people, exploring different parts of Italy and working with a non-profit organization Shoot 4 Change. 

I still have stories from our weekend trips to share, and I thought the two year anniversary of the program was the best time to do so (since during the one year anniversary I quit social media).

During the month of July, expect the following:

Weekend 1

  • Amalfi Coast

Weekend 2

  • Florence
  • Tuscany
  • Venice

Weekend 3

  • Ibiza

This was the first time I started recording my travels and using my GoPro. I also filmed a lot on my cheap Nikon camera, not realizing that my phone would capture better-quality visuals. Regardless, I was able to work the high-quality exploration into this not-as-high-quality video. Take a look at my odyssey through Europe with my grandfather.



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