2 Years of Whitmanythoughts

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Happy second birthday to Sarawhitmanythoughts!

It has been an enriching 12 months even if I cannot say I have been traveling all over the world for the last year. Even without international voyages, I still kept up with this blog after leaving all social media last summer and then jumping right back into a busy school schedule, and I am so pleased about that. As I said last year, I had no idea what was going to come of my blog once my global adventures came to an end. I had more freedom to write about traveling in general rather than just typing about my trips.

Last fall, I posted about my Fall Concert Series 2.0, I got candid about my struggles returning to America and created my most well-received post about transition tips, and published some more helpful advice for those embarking on a study abroad trip. Then in the winter, I kept writing when I visited Frisco, Colorado for my annual family ski trip.

The spring semester brought no exciting travels and the busiest schedule I have ever seen in my life with my Weekend TODAY internship. However, I did find the time to post my travel videos from Australia once a week starting in March, and I am pumped I finally got to share those cherished memories with everyone.

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I can again say I have no clue where my blog will end up because I have no extensive travel plans. However, I still have posts from Italy and Australia to share, and I am trying to figure out when publishing those will be best. Plus, it’s summer and I’m sure I will have stories to share about my new split life between New Jersey and Long Island. I will be living a “split life” between New York and New Jersey because I landed an internship at Newsday on Long Island during this summer, but I have so many family and friends, plus my water ski and dogs, to enjoy in New Jersey.

I look forward to soon post about my 22nd birthday, college graduation (it still does not feel real), my trip to Florida with my dad, and my tattoos (surprise!) as the one-year anniversary for when I got inked approaches.

There are exciting things coming up as I enter graduate school at Hofstra and I will definitely take anyone willing to listen on the ride. I am still finding much joy in typing about my thoughts, feelings and travels. I love making my amateur travel videos with my original GoPro and iPhone so I have the sights to always watch again and again. Most importantly, I am still challenging myself to experience life in new ways, while always living in the moment and staying thankful for all I have in my life.

Cheers to two years!


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