Oz From Sara’s Eyes: Final Thoughts & Final Sights

It is coming up on the one-year anniversary of my return from Australia, and I want to go back just as much as I wanted to as soon as I stepped foot in America. The final video (you are not crying, I am) echoes the first; it consists of my friends reflecting on their experiences and shows clips of our memories. In this case, the recordings display our general adventures in Australia, showcasing everything from our group waterfall tour, Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour (I still cannot believe how good of a show that was) and me jumping off a cliff at Blackwall Reach.

Australia gave me the freest happiest, most memorable time of my life and I am so thankful I have these videos at which to look back and smile.

Whitmanythought 1: Do you think anyone would notice if I slipped out of America in exchange for Australia for a few months?


7 thoughts on “Oz From Sara’s Eyes: Final Thoughts & Final Sights”

  1. I would!!! I’m still surprised at how much you loved the place. I am sure
    it is quite nice, after all, Hugh Jackman lives there!!

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