Oz: Third Week of Classes

This week was a big one: March 14 marked me being in Australia for a whole month! Time really is flying by and I feel like I am leaving tomorrow, even though I know I have three months left and so many plans. Another exciting thing that March 14 marked is the day I fly out to meet my Pop Pop in Sydney. I cannot believe that my Pop Pop and I spoke about Australia for so long, and now our new chapter of travels starts so soon. I am pumped!

I have really adjusted to my life down under, from cooking healthy meals and exercising almost every day, to the unfamiliar class set-up and balancing my social life. At first, I was not as excited as I could have been to be in Straya, most likely because I felt like I was running around without a head a good portion of the time. However, I am so happy with my life here. I wish I could do nothing but travel; however, I am here for a reason: to “study.” I do take my schoolwork seriously, of course, as I always have. Nevertheless, I am in no way turning down a great opportunity such as a trip due to homework.

Campus views

My third week of classes definitely treated me well. I am accustomed to my schedule, and I am still able to fit in an abundance of fun time between my classes. For example, I stayed up late in the library Monday to catch up with the work I neglected during the weekend (because I was too busy having fun). Tuesday, I was lucky enough to catch a few waves thanks to my new Aussie friend, Mitch. The weather was not very nice and the water was rough, but I was still able to get out there for a bit.

I signed up for a village-run trip to the Fremantle Prison for a torchlight tour Wednesday night. It was really interesting learning about the brutal history of the prison, seeing inmate cells and getting a bit startled by some “prisoners” who jumped out at us. Did I mention Nicole and I were forced into the “most haunted” cell in the prison?

Entrance to Fremantle Prison

After that, Sierra and I decided it was a good idea to go out to the Newport Hotel, since we were already in Freo. We got there a bit early due to the tour ending at 8:30 p.m., but we eventually found our friends and had a fine time.

Out in Freo

That leaves me with the last day of my school week: Thursday. Thursday consisted of classes, homework, general organization, blogging, laundry and packing. That’s right—packing! The first break of the semester is already here and I am embarking on a 10-day outback trip with other study abroad and exchange students Friday morning. I will have no service, no worries and hopefully nothing but enjoyment.

I do really feel so thankful that I am taking to my new life so well. To be honest, I already get teary-eyed when I think of leaving. It has been a good month, and I look forward to the excitement that the next month has in store.


3 thoughts on “Oz: Third Week of Classes”

  1. Sara….so good to hear you are fine and that you are doing a lot of
    interesting things. I was a little worried about the Outback – not
    sure why. Anyway, please stay safe and have a wonderful time.

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