Oz: The Beach Life

Luckily I do not have classes on Fridays, so you can guess where I ended up: the beach. That was after the free chocolate chip pancakes I ate for breakfast with Nutella and syrup, of course. It definitely seems like a sweet life, that’s for sure!


After Nicole, Jordan and I returned from a splendid time at Leighton Beach, I cooked for myself and got ready for the evening’s festivity. The on-campus tavern was finally open after a renovation, and it was holding a beginning of the semester beach-themed party.


The party was not as happening as I had hoped, but there were free cookies that I indulged in and some pretty good music to dance to. I ended up staying until the end and then spent some time with Brian and fun people he met that night.

A day at the beach, and a beach-themed party. The beach life is the best life!


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