Oz: Festival Day

You didn’t think my first week of classes was all work, no play, did you? I don’t work that way!img_1426

On the first day of classes, there was a mock tail night put on by the university village. The resident assistants showed us alcohol-free drinks we could make, and add alcohol into on our own (in a responsible way, of course). I really enjoyed the daiquiris, which were basically frozen fruit and ice. Because it was the first week of classes, I did not have a science lab or workshop that day, so I used my free time to go to the beach beforehand. Is anyone surprised?

Between Tuesday and Wednesday, I was pretty busy buying my expensive books and getting started on my plethora of pre-lecture homework and readings. I was lucky enough to score a new textbook for $100 less than its cost, thanks to a Murdoch buying and selling page. I am also lucky that Brian is in half of my classes, so we could figure out the first week together.

Thursday was super fun because it was Festival Day. This is held on Bush Court, the central area on campus. Clubs and organizations are not too popular here, but there were a few, including Quidditch, mixed in with many outside organizations aimed towards students. I also indulged in a Nutella crepe, which made my day.


I made some last minute plans with some of the group after classes finished Thursday. We headed into Perth to check out some spots the others wanted to see. This included a fast food place called King of the Fries. The name tricked them, because they thought the place would have a variety of fries, which it did not.


We spent most of the night at Elizabeth Quay at a really cool pop-up bar. We watched the sun set behind the city and then took a stroll across the bridge there.


We ended up stumbling upon the Cider and Pork Festival, which was really cool. All the food there was centered around—you guessed it—cider and pork. We sat on the grass there listening to a great vocal/guitar duo before heading back home. To our surprise, on our way out, we passed a music concert that was part of the PIAF (Perth International Arts Festival).

Thursday night was the perfect way to end a fairly stressful week. The best thing was knowing I did not have class the next day.



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