Australia: Getting Organized

Wednesday was the freest day we had, and we kept it that way for the most part. After the most stressful trip-sign up ever, I went on a nice run and cooked myself breakfast. I was finally able to sit down and finish organizing my life; e.g. charting my food intake, exercise and expenses. Nothing feels better than feeling like you have control of your life.

After that, I took a trip to the grocery store. Something I have realized here is that food from the market expires within days of purchase. Some people are saying American food is just highly processed and full of preservatives, but I have noticed that food I am buying has its expiration marked as the next day, which is definitely making it more difficult to plan meals. With that being said, I have never been so thankful to have a freezer.

Dinner for one!

It has definitely been fun figuring out how to live as in independent person, with no one to buy toilet paper, soap or food, or to cook. I make up my meals on the spot at the grocery store, as I see what is on sale and work with what I feel I can buy without breaking the bank. I was proud of myself Wednesday night for cooking fish, which I rubbed in seasoning and baked with orange slices. I placed it on a salad and drizzled some balsamic dressing over it, and voila. I didn’t poison myself!

The Newport Hotel

It is Murdoch Village tradition to go to the Newport Hotel, a club/bar in Fremantle, every Wednesday. To kick off the start of the semester, over 100 students loaded party buses that the village kindly ordered for us and we headed to the bar. The venue was in a traditional colonial-style building, and was very open on the inside and dressed with plants and wall murals. There was a DJ who played song mixes all night long. It was a fun, carefree night with friends to mark our first week down under.


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