Australia: Shopping at Garden City

Monday was all over the place from the start. I think I may have walked to and from campus about four times to sign up for surf and didgeridoo lessons, receive a partial refund and grab a surprise free bus token for the big night out coming up. I was really trying to organize my life Monday, but Monday was not letting me get anything done.

When a chance to go shopping in Garden City popped up with Jordan and Nicole, I took it. I figured I needed a new bathing suit and wanted to check out this mall. Fun fact: Hofstra University is located right outside of Garden City, NY and and there is a shopping center with the same name.

When I left for the mall, I did not expect to buy much. Let’s just say that there were a lot of good stores with great sales, and I basically shopped until I dropped. To be honest, although I was not planning on spending so much, I had one of the best days of shopping ever with Nicole and Jordan, so it was totally worth it. At least I got the bathing suit I needed! I found one store called City Beach that I absolutely adore, and it had incredible sales.

Outside area at the mall

The mall was quite large, and I don’t think we saw most of it. I was surprised when we walked outside and there was a beautiful area with pavers and shrubs. Between the mall, the sales and the company, I could not have asked for a better originally unplanned day.


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