Fiji: Market and Gifts

After two days and five lectures, Saturday came and it was time to take our exam.  About an hour of writing and a hand ache later, we were done.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the city, which is the main part of town with shops and eateries right around the corner from the yacht club we mingled and played pool at the night prior. We visited the main area to window shopFrame-18-02-2017-08-47-52.jpg at the handcraft market, which is filled with artisans and vendors selling mostly handmade items such as jewelry, wood pieces and weaved items. After going back and forth between several stalls and bargaining with people, I ended up with a freshwater pearl bracelet and a hand-woven purse. I felt so lucky to purchase a hand-woven item and such a nice bracelet, and I was happy to contribute to the locals.

Speaking of hand-woven, we had our final home-cooked meal with our family, which consisted of chicken, salad, rice and crab that was caught in the Daku village. After dinner, Terri yelled, “Present time!” It was customary for the students to bring their homestay families gifts, but in no way did I expect anything in return. This couple graciously let us into their home for a few days, and that was present enough. Jordan and I each got a hand-made fan from our family with our names woven into them. The fans came from Walter’s village, and only the women from the village know how to make these fans. People have tried for years to copy them and no one has succeeded. I feel so fortunate to bring home such a special piece of culture.

IMG_4029 2.JPG
Farewell to our homestay family

After the excitement of gifts, we had some chocolate cake made by Terri’s sister and stayed in the house for a low-key night of playing cards before our last sleep in Suva.


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