Fiji: Museum of Fiji

Thankfully, we had something small planned after our first day of classes: The Museum of Fiji. This is apparently the only museum in Fiji, and although it is bigger than I expected, it is quite small with only a couple of rooms. The museum holds examples of Fijian boat work as well as old artifacts and Fijian animals on display. It was all really interesting to me, as I was one of the few who really took the time to read up on a majority of the information. Below are some of the pieces displayed in the museum:

Double hull canoe
Billable house raft- used for transporting produce
Ratu Finau-the name of this 1913 double-hull canoe
Drua model canoe
House post (1935)

After the museum, we had a long night of relaxing. I caught up on writing, although I probably should have been reviewing my notes from class. We finally had a home-cooked Fijian meal, which consisted of fish in a coconut sauce, an eggplant and onion dish, chicken, breadfruit, taro root and watermelon. It was all tasty, and the bread fruit and taro root both had a mild taste. Walter (our dad) even got us some chocolate chip ice cream because Jordan said she was craving it.

Taro and breadfruit on either side of the salad

I already don’t want to leave our homestay family, but luckily I still have a few more days with them.


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