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Goodbye America!

I am doing it again; I am fleeing the country. After a life-changing experience studying abroad in Rome for the summer of 2016, I made up my mind that I would try to study abroad during the spring semester of 2017.


I actually tried studying abroad twice before: once during the summer of 2015 and then for a semester during my sophomore year. The first trip got cancelled and the second trip was costly and I was having issues with professors signing off on the classes I would take abroad. By then, I decided I would not pursue a whole semester abroad and would be thankful if I could at least go on Hofstra’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communication trip to Italy. All things happen for a reason, right?

Well, after my splendid experience in Rome, the travel bug was deep in my veins and I knew I had to try to go somewhere else. I browsed a few programs online with some recommendations from friends who had studied abroad before. With some research, I decided I would use AIFS (American Institute for Foreign Study). Not only was it cheaper than a semester at Hofstra, but the company offered a wide array of destinations and additional excursions.

I was so stoked for this that I planned out all the classes I would take, and I even tried getting some classes signed off for, but the study abroad director at my school said it was too early and to come back in the fall. This was around the same time I finalized my trip to Rome and bought my ticket to London.

Fall came around and as I was ready to start having classes approved, I realized that most of the courses that I planned on taking were not no longer offered. How could this happen? I went into panic mode and although I did not think I would actually be able to study abroad in my dream destination, I applied for the program and crossed my fingers that something would work out.

Long story short, I was accepted into the program, I scavenged through the university’s course offerings and with much determination, I got a handful of courses approved. After much paperwork, many emails, worried thoughts about my financial situation and an approved visa, I am off to see new sights.

Where to? Perth, Australia.


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