London: Thank You

It seems like just a few days ago I was on the Gatwick Express, excited about the train’s fantastic Wi-Fi and the adventures that awaited me. Now, two weeks have passed in a blink of an eye and I am on my way back home, sullenly recalling my stay in London.

London now has a huge place in my heart, and dare I say it, it may be an even greater city than New York (is that possible?). I can tell stories of all the sight-seeing I did and recount the random facts I now have in my head, but I cannot even begin to describe the new friendships I have made.

I learned about “London Fam” basically as soon as I met Olivia, and I even spoke to them through her phone to explain to them about Greek life (which I did again in person). I know how much these friends mean to Olivia and it made me so happy that she would get to go back and visit them, and was kind enough to allow me to come along.


As soon as I met them, I understood why Olivia is so fond of them. They welcomed not just Olivia, but me, a complete stranger, into their home with open arms for a whole two weeks. I cannot express my gratitude enough, so I would like to say, “Thank you,” to each of them.

Liam– I was so glad when you opened the door for us, because I was so nervous no one would be there when we arrived. Thanks for being so easy-going and always pleasure to be with. I love your piercings and your Australian flag!


Jake– I was not sure if you would think it was weird that I was the one who welcomed you into Revolution the first night, since we had never met. However, you greeted me with a huge hug and I instantly felt completely comfortable with you. I am glad we got to talk that night as we walked way faster than everyone else. Thanks for taking us to the British Museum, going to Camden Town with us, dancing with me at Electric Ballroom and taking us around your hometown. I am going to hold you to your word about Skyping!


Rhi– You are like a little ball of happiness with great style. Even though you are an “adult,” you still found the time to hang out with us and I think that is just awesome. You are naturally such a sweet girl and I know you’ll go so far in anything you do.

Elisha– I think the first words I said to you were, “You are so cute!” I also think I told you that about ten times after that. You are such a sweet girl who always knows a good time. Thank you for letting me sleep in your bed when you were away, letting us clutter your room, allowing me to wear your shirt, walking around with us the last day and basically becoming my sister. I will never forget when you became a bartender on the train back from Nottingham—that was the best!


Olivia– Little of mine! I know I probably drove you crazy at times, but you have no idea how much I appreciated spending all this time with you. Thank you for dealing with my tourist self and most importantly, for letting me befriend your incredible friends.

I will forever cherish our confused conversations about each others’ cultures and differences in language and coming together at the end of the night to watch some interesting reality television shows. You all have a home in New Jersey, and wherever I end up living in life. Thank you so much for everything. I love you all!



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