London: The Final Hours

Olivia and I were a quarter of the way done with our last full day in London. Up next? The Sky Garden.

The Sky Garden is a luscious garden, café and bar at the top of another modern building in London, which is nicknamed the Walkie Talkie. It is free to visit, as long as one makes reservations. We met Elisha and Jake there, and up, up and away we went! It is a quite modern space, and I really enjoyed the contrast between the thick green garden and the contemporary glass. This Sky Garden is supposed to offer one of the best views in the city; however, London decided to be stereotypically gray out, and we had virtually no view. Regardless, we still enjoyed our time together chatting and nibbling on some snacks.

Me, Olivia and Elisha

After the Sky Garden, Elisha, Olivia and I wandered about the streets, visiting some shops and Leadenhall market, which is after what Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley is modeled.

Leadenhall Market

Nighttime fell, and Olivia and I went back to catch our ride on the London Eye. We could have done this during the day, but we already knew there would be no view, and I thought riding it at night may be nice. Well, as suspected, we did not have much of a view, but it was pleasant to see Parliament, Elizabeth Tower and the rest of the city shining bright in the dreary night sky.


Upon our return back to my favorite purple home, everyone was quite hungry and ready for our last dinner together. We chose to eat at Nando’s, a Portuguese chain restaurant that mainly serves chicken that comes in a variety of special sauces. It was a fine meal, but I definitely thing Wetherspoons has it beat.

After dinner, we went home to chat and sip on some hot chocolate. I was already missing nights like this.


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