London: A Walk Along the Thames

I was super excited for mine and Olivia’s last Monday in London because it just so happens my sorority sister was visiting, and we planned to meet up!

Our day started with a trip to the 1,000 year-old Borough Market, which is a charming and eclectic food market in Southwark. We got there just as it was opening, and the place already smelled of warm comfort food. Soon enough, my sister Shannon showed up with her friends and our official walk of sightseeing began!

Another part of the market

We had a fun time exploring some spots along the Thames River: Shakespeare’s Globe, Milenium Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London and finally the Tower Bridge. I loved exploring the area, which was filled with both modern buildings and old-style restaurants.

After a walk over the Tower Bridge, Olivia departed and I followed Shannon and her friends the rest of the day. We strolled back to the Borough Market, where we enjoyed a fantastic lunch of mac and pork, which was a container half filled with macaroni and cheese and half filled with pulled pork, and a cheese sauce poured over. It was fantastic and I was glad to be supporting such a cool market.


After our brisk lunch break, we went to the top of the Shard. The Shard is a 95 story skyscraper a block away from the market that boasts hotel rooms, restaurants, offices and gorgeous views of the city. The name is reflective of its design, as the building looks like a shard of glass rising into the sky. People can pay to visit the top; however, we went to a fairly fancy restaurant about halfway up to enjoy drinks with a view. Well, they enjoyed the drinks, while I enjoyed the view and their company!

The Shard behind Southwark Cathedral

After the Shard, I said goodbye to Shannon and I was so thankful that I was able to see her and explore more of London. It was a relaxing night back at home with the London friends, as we chatted while watching some interesting English reality television.



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