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London Day 2: Another Change of Plans

Just like last night, our plans took a huge turn Friday afternoon. img_3082After our lunch break from the first half of our tour, Olivia and I were supposed to meet our tour guide right outside the underground station where she let us loose. Well, we got there early, and no one was there. Olivia and I went into a souvenir shop to keep warm, and a few minutes later I strolled outside to check the meeting spot, and no one was there. Long story short, we lost our tour guide and headed home.

I have never lost a tour guide like this, and I tried not to get upset. When we got back to our adorable home, Jake answered the door and we told him what happened. Then I halfway asked and halfway told him to take us somewhere because I definitely wanted to use the free hours we accumulated. Luckily, Jake was super willing to take us somewhere and we ended up at the British Museum.

The British Museum was a collection of over 71,000 objects gifted to King George II from physician Sir Hans Sloane. The original collection largely consisted of manuscripts, books and natural specimens and was opened to the public in 1753, according to its website. Now, it is a massive collection of art, antiquities and more from all around the world. We explored the museum for about three hours and then headed home to spend some time with everyone in the house.

British Museum

Again, although the plans for today did not work out properly, it was still an eventful and unexpected day of sight-seeing. As Jake told us in his darling British accent, we were “culture vultures.”



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