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London: Camden Town

Our first weekend in London has arrived! Olivia and I kept our weekends generally open to make sure we got to spend quality time with “London Fam.”

We planned to visit Camden Town Saturday, which is one of Olivia’s favorite places in London. Camden Town is the site of the Camden Town markets and the lock on the Regent’s Canal, popularly known as “Camden Market” or the “Camden Lock.” It is a mix of eclectic shops and eateries and carries a very hip and young vibe. The place is absolutely incredible, so I think I will just let some of my photos do the speaking.


There was awesome street art all over the area. If you look to the right side of the above photo, you can see there are three dimensional objects on the facade of the building. These exaggerated, bright objects showed what kind of items were sold in the below store.



A high shot of multiple eateries that serve what looked like fantastic food out of small stands.IMG_0070.jpg

The lock.


The outside of Cyberdog, a cyberspace themed store that was definitely from another world.


I could have spent hours and way too much money in this place. I highly recommend a visit to the Camden markets if you are looking for a place that is quirky and aesthetically pleasing.


10 thoughts on “London: Camden Town”

  1. Hi Sara, I am in the middle of reading all your recent blogs, and I
    must say that as often as I have been in London (3), I have never
    heard of the Camden Lock or Market. Now I might have to go
    back so I can see them! I am really enjoying all of your blogs
    regarding your trip, also the photography! (Forget about those
    fancy “shots”). Please?

    Must say England is a favorite, next to Paris and the rest of France.

    Kisses, Grandmom

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