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London Day 1: New Plans

It was not peaceful, but after extremely long lines and five and a half hours in the air, I have arrived in London!

My friend Olivia and I are here visiting the great friends she made while studying abroad in London a little over a year ago, and of course doing some sight-seeing. We are lucky enough to be staying at her friends’ adorable purple house. We found the home after two train rides and a ten-minute walk and were greeted by her friend Liam around two in the afternoon. We had a “Jack the Ripper Tour” scheduled in the Aldgate area of the city in the evening, so until leaving for that, we spoke with Liam and watched a variety of English television shows, which were quite interesting.

It was raining all afternoon, and by the time we arrived at our tour destination, it was snowing heavily. Olivia’s friends joked that we brought the bad weather with us, because it was the most dreadful weather they had seen in a while. After not being able to find a currency exchange and the fact that we would get pneumonia if we walked around outside for two or more hours, we opted out of the tour and met Olivia’s friend at a really modern, seemingly high-end bar (although Liam said it really wasn’t that fancy of a place).

This bar, called Revolution (Revs for short), had tall ceilings, blasting music and a bar top that seemed to never end. Speaking of never ending, the drink menu was the most impressive drink menu I have ever seen. Revs had about 40 unique and quirky mixed drink options, as well as about 30 fun shot flavors. I was in awe of this place! We ended up eating and chatting there for a couple of hours as we waited for Olivia and Liam’s friend, Jake, to arrive.

Our first night did not go as planned, but I definitely had fun, and that is all that matters. We have a six-hour walking tour planned for tomorrow, so let’s hope the weather cooperates a bit more!


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