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Park City, Utah: Good Eats

No vacation is complete without some fantastic food, so I wanted to give you a small taste of the good eats I was fortunate enough to have during my stay here in Park City:

Night One:

Dad and I were recommended to a few places, so we headed down to the old Park City via the free public bus and tried a sport bar and grill called Wasatch Brewery. Dad and I shared some of the best calamari we have ever eaten. I had a BBQ pulled-pork sandwich, one of my favorites, that was rather earthy tasting than sweet. Dad and I are a huge fan of the place and would definitely go back.

Night Two:

After about 40 minutes of searching for a restaurant in the freezing cold weather, dad and I ended up at a random sushi joint in Park City called Oishi Sushi. I have eaten a lot of sushi in my life, but this was unimaginably fantastic. Dad and I started off with tuna tartar followed by a platter of sashimi. The fish was so fresh and so beautiful. I ordered two rolls: a tempura-style roll filled with scallops, crab and eel deep fried with funky sauce and eel sauce, and a roll composed of avocado and eel topped with crab, shrimp tempura, tempura crunch, eel sauce and spicy mayo. I cannot stress how incredible this sushi was. I have never seen sushi piled so high or tasted sushi that made my taste buds explode every time I took a bite. Hands down the best sushi I have ever consumed in my life.

Have you ever seen sushi piled so high?

Night Three:

Tonight we met my dad’s work friend and his wife at The Farm, which is a market-driven, rustic, but elegant restaurant that serves many types of meats. I was unsure what to order, but my dad mentioned the short ribs. I never had that before, so I figured I would give it a try and I am so glad I did. It was juicy, savory and fell right off the bone. Prior to our main course we tried some beef tartar, which is something I don’t think I even knew existed. It was fresh and light, but it did not compare to the tuna tartar from the prior night!

Night Four:

Dad and I loved our sushi so much from Thursday night that we just had to go back! We feasted: we split tuna tartar and an 18-piece sashimi platter (they gave us a few pieces extra) and a spicy scallop roll. We also tried one of the special rolls, the Tiger Lily: shrimp tempura, crap and tuna. On top of that, I ordered my favorite Silver Lake, the tempura-style roll I had before. We made a great conversation with the sushi chef, as we were at the bar. Can I eat here every day?

Night Five:

The final night we decided to stay at the resort and try a sport bar and grill at another hotel. I had a fantastic salad with candied pecans, dried cranberries and crumbled blue cheese. I also split some wings with my dad, one of his favorite things to eat. I ended our final meal with a dessert that was called Nutella Banana Foster, but was basically a Nutella, banana and marshmallow pizza.

I am going to miss taking the bus to Park City or walking five minutes to a nearby joint. The trip was definitely filled with good times, good people and even better food.


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