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Park City, Utah Day 4: Foggy and Fun

I do not think we could have asked for a better last day of skiing. Dad and I absolutely nailed the first half of the day, revisiting some of our favorite runs and trying out some new trails. Every single trail we took was beautiful. The trails had a couple of inches of fresh powder on them, which is always ideal. I mentioned the first day how powder really makes your muscles work, because you have to keep a low center of gravity. An inch or two does not make you exert as much energy, and is really more of a nice, soft cushion. Don’t get me wrong, my thighs were on fire today as I bent up and down, working my way through the bumpy, un-groomed trails and occasional mogul field.

I was in the middle of taking photos, so I told my dad to smile

Today was the weirdest mix of weather I have ever seen on a mountain. I have skied in snow, in fog and in clear skies. Today I saw almost all of that. For about three hours, we were under a gray sky, but the sun was still visible and it was warm. Dad and I were shocked and grateful that we even saw a hint of sun. During those hours, fog would roll in and roll out of the mountain.

Fog on the mountain. Right from my phone.

Then, as the forecast predicted, snow started falling down on us. A lot of it. The snow was wet and heavy and it was a bit difficult for me to see, but that definitely did not slow me down. However, after lunch, the snow turned to rain. I do not think I have ever skied in rain before, but there is a first for everything! The rain made the snow heavy and I could notice the weight on my skis as I went up the lift. At this point, I was skiing without my goggles, which are horrible in overcast skies to begin with, and there was water trickling down from my helmet. I laughed to myself when a ski lift attendant told Dad and I that we are hardcore. Let’s just call it a low visibility, high fun day!

Dad and I made the last run count, as always, and we were satisfied with the day. We got a solid three days of skiing in, plus the first, and we could not be more pleased. As my dad said, “That’s all she wrote!”


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