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Park City, Utah Day 3: Thoughts from a Chairlift

Another epic day out in Park City! Dad and I have been so fortunate with the killer conditions on the mountain.

As I said earlier, I often talk to and sing to myself while skiing. I also get into some pretty deep thought while on the chairlift, so I wanted to center my blog around a few of my thoughts. So, I guess we can call this, “Thoughts from a Chairlift.”


Nature is Beautiful

As I look out into the horizon on a chair lift with a splendid view, I cannot but think how spectacular our world is. Just imagine looking out high above the ground to see rolling snow-covered hills. Or listening to birds chirp as you pass towering trees with snow delicately covering its green needles, with the trickle of a small stream in the background. Being in the mountains provides immaculate views any time of year.

Park City Attracts All

Park City may be one of the best ski resorts in America, and it definitely welcomes all sorts of people. Besides welcoming people from all around the U.S., I have heard tons of British and/or Irish accents and other accents that are definitely from Europe. On top of that, I have heard Spanish and Asian languages around the mountain. It is so cool that so many different people end up here to ski.


Practice May Not Always Make Perfect

I don’t know if I am just hard on myself, but my skills are not where I want them to be. I feel like I have plateaued with my skiing, and I think that is because I am too scared of falling and breaking myself that I don’t go for the quicker, sharper turns. My dad is the most eloquent skier I have ever seen, and I hope to be half as talented as he is.

I am Lucky

Well, I already knew this, but our accommodations here are insane. Instead of staying somewhere a drive from the mountain, we are staying at the Park City resort area, at the Grand Summit to be exact. Our hotel leads right out to a chairlift, so all we do in the morning is put on our gear, walk up 10 steps, walk two steps out the door and then take about 10 steps down, and we are on the mountain. Did I mention the outdoor heated pool, three hot tubs, sauna and steam room? Now this is “Life Elevated!”

Of course, I have many other thoughts, but I felt these were the most prominent. Three days of skiing down, one to go!


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