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Park City, Utah Day 2: Fun in the Sun

Two is my favorite number for a reason. The second day here in Utah gave us more groomed snow and bright blue skies.

Blue with a beautiful view

Dad and I explored new parts of the mountain for day number two. Yesterday we skied in the Canyons area of the resort, and today we stayed in the Park City area. Fun fact: These two different sections were actually separate at once, but Vail bought much of the area here and are in the multi-million dollar process of connecting several mountains together which may make Park City the number one ski resort in the world.

I really want to focus on two things here: the snow and the weather. As I mentioned, more trails were groomed, which gives a smoother surface. Un-groomed trails are basically trails with a blanket of untouched snow on it. I do enjoy un-groomed trails, as the snow is more forgiving and they really make your muscles work. Dad and I definitely got a workout today with all the fantastic trails we explored!


The largest difference between yesterday and today was the weather. It is amazing how much weather can affect my enjoyment on the mountain. Yesterday was overcast and snowed much of the day. The sky was completely gray, with the exception of a few times when clouds seemed to be parted by a bullet and a streak of blue was visible.  It was about ten degrees, but thankfully, there was no wind. Today was about the same temperature-wise, but the sun was shining bright and there was not a cloud in the sky. The birds were chirping and so was I! I’m serious, I talk and sing to myself as I ski down the mountain, and I am pretty sure everyone in earshot of me thinks I am insane.

Today is how a day on the mountain should be: fun and fast! I ended the second day in a way better place than I did the first day, and I am stoked that I get to head out in warmer weather tomorrow.


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