A Reflection of My Blog

It seems that I often find random sparks of passions to write on my blog; however, those moments are never times during which I can actually write. Then when I go to write, I have absolutely nothing to say. I see this as a concern, considering I am a journalism major. A person who wants to write and talk for a living and does not know how to put her thoughts into words — scary, right?


I know my blog is quite mediocre, but it still makes me happy. Although I am not reaching the world with this small space for my thoughts and travels, every time my grandparents comment on a new blog blog post or say how it brightens up their day, I can’t help but smile. I have wanted to upgrade my site into an actual “.com” for a while, but things such as a job, classes, an internship, extra-curricular activities, a social life and my lack of computer skills have seemed to step in the way.

My main concern, I suppose, is that I put out content that I am proud of and that I allow the outside to have a glimpse into my mind. I did not write as much as I wanted to during the semester, but I did not completely leave my little sanctuary behind in the dust like some people who claim they get swallowed by life do.

This blog post is actually a little challenge for me to spew out my thoughts and warm up my brain so I can actually start writing about what I wanted to write about for so long. So, this little post will end up in the “Thoughts” section of my blog for all to see who may be interested in learning about how I think. To whoever reads this, I hope I have interested you with my thoughts.


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