Fall Concert Series: Charlie Puth

My boss: “I am going to the Charlie Puth concert, too.”

Me: “OMG, I love him!”

My boss: “So does my thirteen-year-old daughter.”’

That is what pop-music does. Its mainstream and general appeal attracts people of all ages to the artists. I attended Charlie Puth’s We Don’t Talk Tour and fan-girled just as much as the young teenagers and kids that surrounded me. And I have no regrets.

Charlie Puth at Theatre at Westbury

Honestly, I did not expect to have such an explosive reaction when he came onto stage. But as soon as he did, I was taken over by excitement, my heart pounding and my voice fluttering.

However, that is not the only unexpected thing that happened that night. To my disappointment, Charlie only performed four songs. He canceled a show a week prior because he was so sick. I knew he was still very ill during the week, but he had his NYC shows, and I know those are shows artists try not to cancel. So, I came to the concert concerned about his health, surprised he didn’t cancel, but ecstatic I would get to see him.

He started the show with his latest hit “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” and I was in awe that I was hearing the song live. Charlie admitted to us that he was still very sick and would try to push through his set if we helped him out with some singing. That sounded like a fair deal.

Charlie rocked on with his next song, “Some Type of Love,” and he looked so happy. He was owning the stage, banging his head in the air and dancing around his piano on the circular platform. Even with his incredible performance, his facial expressions and his drinking of tea showed that he was struggling.


After four songs, he sat down and looked defeated. He apologized to us and explained that he just needed a quick break, because he had a fever and he was having a hard time breathing. I didn’t want to believe it, but I knew nothing good would come of this. He came back on stage five minutes later with a look of heartbreak on his face, and told us he had to cancel.

Yes, I was upset I would not get to see his full show, something I had been waiting on for a long time. But Charlie’s honesty with us and yearn to give us his best performance showed how true of an artist he is. For him to go out on stage and break the hearts of hundreds of girls, but with his health in mind, shows that he knows his limits. He is only human, and I am proud of him for taking care of his well-being.

Charlie is without question talented and passionate about his career. He received a standing ovation even with the news he broke to his fans. He promised he would make it up to us and I believe he will. I gained a lot of respect for him that night. Even with only seeing four songs by him, it was a fantastic performance.

Update (6/29/18): He did not make it up to us and is now coming to a different venue on Long Island for his Voicenotes Tour.


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