Fall Concert Series: Fetty Wap

I still can’t believe Hofstra University hired Fetty Wap to perform for its annual Fall Fest. Fall Fest weekend is a weekend for family, friends and alumni to gather together and celebrate. Hofstra packs Saturday and Sunday with sporting events, tours, talks on special topics and more for all visitors. The main event is the actual festival, full of carnival games, rides and a lineup of performances by students and professional artists. 

Organizations on campus work together to make displays for all to enjoy during Fall Fest

This year, the lineup was The Purple Xperience, which is a Prince cover band, The Gin Blossoms, which is a rock band formed in 1987 and the headliner, Fetty Wap. Student dance groups and DJ Spynfo performed between sets to keep the energy alive.

I had the chance to work during Fall Fest, so not only did I get to assist my bosses back stage, I also got a front row pass to the concert. I had always assumed artists relaxed backstage before the show, but they actually stay in green rooms in Hofstra’s sports complex, which is where the presidential debate was held. The artists are then brought to the waiting room on location to do a meet and greet. Finally, they take stage.

My front row view of Fetty Wap

The day for me was filled with various tasks and watching the performers, which were all great. Let’s jump ahead to Fetty Wap. I actually did not have much expectation for Fetty’s performance, as I had seen him at Z100’s Jingle Ball last year, and he maybe sang half of the words to about three songs. However, he definitely brought his A-game to Hofstra. He and his warm-up crew were energetic and seemed excited to be on stage. Fetty’s music is not something I would be caught dancing to in the shower, but I was overall impressed with the concert.

Fun facts:

  • Fetty drove himself to the stage, but was accompanied by multiple security cars.
  • Fetty does not have a license.
  • Fetty had security on stage, who simply stood there during his performance.
  • Fetty wore a Hofstra basketball jersey during his performance. Thanks for the PR!
Fetty Wap performing in a Hofstra basketball jersey

This was the best lineup I have ever seen at Hofstra. The school really listened to its students and came through with a great festival. Now the countdown begins for next year!


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