Hofstra University Hosts the Presidential Debate: Some Seriously Unserious Student Politics

The presidential debate brought some serious politics to Hofstra’s campus. Students took full advantage of the opportunity to express their views, as exemplified by the following photos.

  1. Krusty Krab is Unfair!


Probably the most popular sign spotted on campus, this sign is taken directly from a scene in Nickelodeon’s Spongebob Squarepants. It’s too bad Clinton nor Trump touched upon this issue.

2. Free Rick


Students are incredibly upset Rick Sanchez is behind bars. Maybe the next president can pardon this character from Cartoon Network’s Rick and Morty.

3. Make the Strip Great Again


The bars directly across the street from Hofstra, known as the “Hofstra Strip” are very special to students. Unfortunately, many have been shut down, therefore impacting Hofstra’s nightlife forever. This may be the number one thing on the Hoftra Student’s public agenda.

4. Trump Did It


Behind the infamous “Krusty Krab is Unfair” poster is a sign that reads, “Trump did Harambe.”

5. We Only Need One Wall


On the serious side of signs, this was a popular hit around campus. Pink Floyd gave us the only wall we need according to many students.

Students were quite engaged on campus before and during the debate, in numerous ways. How they were engaged was up to them.


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